Hello, I’m Carina

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist, and through my experience of food allergies in my immediate family and years of training and research, I’ve become an expert – and I would like to help YOU.

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What you can expect from me

Food allergy management

A diagnosis of food allergy does not have to be the end of the world. It is true that having a food allergy or food allergies, involves cutting many foods out of your diet. There are however many foods that you still can eat! The message about eating foods that you can tolerate, and avoiding ONLY those foods causing allergic symptoms, is becoming clearer every day. This is exactly why the role of the allergy dietitian is so important.  We do not only focus on what you need to avoid. We give information on what you CAN eat, to ensure a diverse and varied diet, whether you are an adult with a food allergy or have a family member with a food allergy.

I can help you to

  1. Stay safe by advising appropriate allergenic foods to avoid
  2. Establish a healthy, diverse diet based on your food allergies, food preferences (or food dislikes!) &  your lifestyle (yes – you can still go to restaurants and have that vacation)

Food Allergy 101

  • Know which foods to avoid
  • Get to grips with label reading
  • Find your “may contain” comfort zone
  • Seek help form an Allergy dietitian
  • Always carry your epipen!

Food Allergy prevention

You or a family member may have a food allergy, and/or other allergies and you desperately want to prevent food allergies in the next generation. Conflicting opinions about how to prevent food allergies are everywhere. I have researched this for many years and traveled all over the world to attend conferences and learn from other researchers. 

Food allergy prevention 101

  • Don’t avoid anything you are not allergic too (unless for other medical, cultural, ethical or religious reasons)
  • Keep your diet as diverse as possible, despite reasons for food avoidance
  • Keep up to date regarding food allergy prevention – we learn something new all the time

In this website, I aim to provide up to date practical information via my blogs, Q&As and other material, but feel free to let me know if you would like to have a face to face session with me.

4 ways to get more information

  • Talk to me
  • Read my blogs
  • Dive into my question and answer sections and send me some more
  • Listen to my video clips
  • Try my recipes and send me more to post

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