Ways to introduce other allergens

Ways to introduce other allergens:

We suggest introducing other allergens once a number of solid foods have been introduced and peanut containing foods are eaten without any reactions. Introducing new allergenic foods one at a time over a 3 -5 day period, is may be relevant for some children and we suggest that you discuss this with your physician. There is no specific order in which the other allergens should be introduced, but In the EAT study, wheat was always introduced last. For ways to introduce the other allergens see our suggestions at the end of the post.

  • Milk – if you have not given your baby infant formula, we suggest to start with milk in baked foods or yoghurt (cheese can be given later in infancy from around 6-7 months)
  • Egg – give fully cooked/baked egg to start with (such as low sugar cookies, muffins or pancakes) rather than soft boiled egg/poached egg/ raw egg powder/pasteurized egg, which have lead to reactions in young infants in previous studies. Undercooked egg is also not recommended for children under one year of age.
  • Soy – Offer you baby soy milk, soy yogurt or tofu (there is not much protein left in soy sauce and the salt content is very high – best to avoid these)
  • Fish – did you know that there is over 700 species of fish and shellfish in the sea? It is therefore pretty impossible to give all of these to your baby just to be able to tick the “fish box”. We suggest that give your baby a few portions of the fish species that you tend to eat as a family and continue with regular intake. (don’t give more than two portions of fatty fish per week according to the FDA [USA]) and FSA [UK] guidance)
  • Sesame – try some hummus and tahini (sesame containing sweets/candy can be given to older children on occasion but be aware of the sugar content).
  • Wheat – softly cooked pasta (which also makes a great finger food), bread fingers (if you already started to give wheat in egg containing baked goods such as sugar free cookies/pancakes, feel free to continue with these as well).