Should babies from lower risk groups eat peanut according to amounts suggested by NIAID?

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I have received a number of questions about the need for the “lower risk groups” i.e. group 2 and 3 to follow the NIAID recommendations of 2 g of peanut protein, 3 times per week.

This is my personal view of how this could be interpreted:

The emphasis for group 2 and group 3 is on regular intake of peanut, following family and cultural practices.

We should however take the following into account:

  • Group 2: Infants with mild to moderate eczema.  Some of the children in the LEAP study had mild to moderate eczema
  • Group 3: Infants with no eczema or food allergies. Group 2 and 3: The children in the EAT study included both children with mild to moderate eczema and children with no risk of food allergy

Based on the LEAP and the EAT studies, regular intake of peanut 2 g, 2-3x per week was beneficial for both group 2 and 3. Therefore, in some cases your physician may recommended more specific adherence to the amounts suggested by LEAP, rather than just regular intake.


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