Travelling while following a six food exclusion diet…

During the time that I followed the six food exclusion diet, I also attended conferences, which included travelling in the US and Europe. It was not easy but totally doable.



American hotels

Breakfasts mainly consisted of oatmeal made with water, fruit/fruit salad and a suitable yogurt, which I packed in my checked bag. (Daiya Dairy-Free yogurts®, Living Harvest® Tempt Hemp Yogurt®). I never traveled without high protein, high fiber cereal bars (recipe) – these came in handy in one of the hotels where the oatmeal was prepared with milk.

One of the hardest things for me while following this diet was having to drink tea (thanks to living for almost 20 years in the UK) or coffee without a milk replacement. In the US however, many hotels have a Starbucks® in the foyer. I used to grab a coconut milk latte/cappuccino on my way to the breakfast room.

European hotels

Eating breakfast in European hotels was an interesting experience, which was easier in some hotels than others: Suitable foods included: fruit, “rice porridge” bacon, ham (of which I checked the ingredients), grilled tomato and steamed vegetables. I also prepacked suitable cereals in small containers (Arrowhead Mills® Puffed Rice, General Mills Corn ChexTM, Arrowhead Mills® Quinoa Rice) and travelled with ready-made high protein milk replacements from Orgain®.

For children I suggest to travel with a suitable high protein drink e.g. Orgain®., suitable sunflower seed butter or other suitable spreads (Sunbutter, Trader Joe’s Sunflower Butter, Harvestbetter Multigrain Spread, Once Again™ Tahini Spread) and crackers (Edward&Sons Brown Rice Snaps®, GimMe™ Seaweed Rice Chips , Goldbaum’s Quinoa Crisps and suitable corn chips). Fruit from the hotel should be suitable.


American hotels and European hotels

Both the American and European hotels served green salads but I had to ask for a salad without any dressing on a number of occasions. I took suitable mayonnaise (NuCo Coconut Vegan Mayo®) with me when travelling but I preferred the olive oil and vinegar mix as a salad dressing.

Potato or rice were served at most meals and the hotels were happy to prepare chicken, beef or lamb without any sauces/gravies. Lunch mainly consistent of meat (of some form), salad (or steamed vegetables if available) and rice or potatoes (without any additions if available).

For children: Ask if they have carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, slides cucumber or sweet corn as most young children, do not enjoy adult style salads. Fries may be an option if they use suitable oil and do not fry foods, other than the potato, in the same oil. In one of the hotels they offered to prepare rice noodles (Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta ®) that I took with me, covered it in a homemade tomato jus – most children should be happy with this option as well.


American and European restaurants

Dinners in restaurants were very simple. I asked the chef to clean the grill as well as possible* or to cook chicken or beef in foil. I had a jacked potato on most occasions (without butter) with a fresh salad drizzled with olive oil and vinegar.

For children, I suggest the same strategy as lunchtime. My own experience, having traveled with my children from a young age, through many countries, is that dinner is not usually a good time for negotiations about food. Offering a high protein drink with a few bits of chopped vegetables and fruit may just save the day when dealing with a tired child.

 In flight

Flights were tricky and as the diet is so complex, I decided to take my own food. I packed a high protein powder from Orgain®, which I mixed with water on the airplane (the ready-made versions were not allowed through customs). I also took my own fruit and high protein cereal bars.

For children, and as a treat, melt some dark chocolate morsels from Enjoy life® on the high protein cereals bars. For a savory option and if the flight is not too long, take home-made hummus, home-made corn chips or try hard corn taco shells from California Tortilla®. Plain or ready salted chips and suitable cheese slices (e.g. Daiya cheese slices) (if allowed on the airplane) may be an option as well. The grab and go packs from Enjoy life foods saved me many times.

*the degree of restriction will depend on the advice given by the physician

All products listed were checked and suitable for the six food exclusion diet at the time of posting the information. I have not received any payment/honorarium/funding from any of the companies involved.

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